How To Keep Mind, Body And Soul Intact?

Since we all get bored and tired of our daily busy and hectic routines, therefore, everyone should follow some tips which could keep their mind, body, and soul intact and healthy. These will help them relax, enjoy life along with getting mind away from daily stressors.  The following tips can make you feel good as a whole. Follow them to keep mind, body, and soul intact.

1. Go cloud watching

One of the perfect way of relaxing and refreshing your mind is to lay out on the grass under the sky and watch the nature at its best.

2. Play

Playing with anything you like the most has that healing power which can make you feel best.

3. Do something creative

Such things that can uplift your mood and have the power of making you happy. These should be done every day.

4. Be impetuous

Take risks and go ahead for adventures.

5. Learn a new trick

Learning new things is always fun. It can, too, make you feel out of the world.

6. Yard work

Engage yourself in any physical activity. It makes you feel lighter from the inside.

7. Make music

Make yourself feel wonderful by creating your own type of music.

8. Declutter

Remove unwanted things from you home. It makes room for new and better things.

9. Superfoods

Add such foods to your daily diet which contain antioxidants. Examples can be raw fruits and vegetables etc.

10. Word games

Playing Word Games makes the mind work more efficient and improve concentration level.

11. Start a jigsaw

Keep a jigsaw puzzle in your home and solve it whenever you have spare time.

12. Learn lyrics

Listening and learning to the lyrics of any of your favorite song is also a good therapy.

13. Meditate

Meditation is always recommended when it comes to taking care of your own self.

14. Fix something

If there is something wrong or incomplete or having any problem around you, try to fix it. It will give you a feeling of achievement and sense of accomplishment.

15. Pampering

Dip your feet in lukewarm water. Turn the lights off or dim, keep your eyes close. You’ll feel a wrap of warmth around you.

16. Stargazing

Make some time to look at the sky when it gets dark. Stare at the stars for a while. It can be a better way to find solutions to your problems.

17. Switch hands

If you work with the right hand, then use your left hand for doing easy household chores. It is a better trick for stimulation of your brain.

18. Eat healthily

Following a healthy diet should be at the top of the list when it comes to caring for your own self.

19. Appreciate

Appreciate whatever you find good in others.

20. Change direction’ s

For efficient working of the brain, switching or taking a different route whenever you go for job, shopping or home is one of the recommendations.

Provision of self-care for the effective working of body, mind, and inner spirit is a necessary thing. So, there should be the implementation of such steps to make yourself feel good.

Makeup Usage For A Youthful Appearance

Having a busy lifestyle can have a toll on your skin. It can leave your skin looking tired and can make you look older. Luckily you can use the power of makeup to give yourself a younger appearance. Today we will be discussing how to use makeup to your advantage if you want a fresher look.


This step is crucial, and it is mandatory to moisturize your face before putting anything on. It rejuvenates your skin and will make putting on makeup nicer.

Use Liquid Concealer

Concealer can emphasize lines, using a liquid concealer will hide imperfections without looking cakey.

Use a Yellow based Foundation

This will give a warmer look to your skin which will make you look younger. This applies to all skin tones.

Using a Sponge to apply Foundation

Using a sponge will give you a more airbrushed look, take a wet sponge and use it to apply foundation using dabbing motions. Don’t worry about coverage, and it will do the right job.

Avoid Colored Powder

Tinted powder makes the skin look sallow sometimes, so avoid it at all costs if you are going for a younger look if you really feel like using powder then use a translucent one.

Focus on the High Points of your Face

With age, you lose fat on your face making your bone structure more visible. Get the most out of it by applying blush on your high points.

Being light on the Tweezers

Thicker brows give a nicer, younger look. So give your tweezers a rest only use them to pluck out a stray hair, to make them neater, no need to overly thin them out.

Filling in Brows with a Lighter Pencil

Make sure to use a lighter shade than your actual hair while filling in your brows; then give softer strokes, and it will look more natural and lush.

Eyelash Curler is your Friend:

Curling your eyelashes can up your game by a lot, with age your eyelashes start getting flattered so to give them some oomph use and eyelash curler. This will also brighten and open up your eyes.

Use an Eyeshadow Primer:

Applying eye shadow straight to your eyes can emphasize the wrinkles and lines, besides the powdery look is really not the best. So make surer to use a primer beforehand for smoother application of the eyeshadow.

Use Lighter Eyeliner

A brown or light eyeliner gives you intensity but is not too striking, it is more sophisticated and subtle and gives you a softer look.

Try a lengthening Mascara:

Thickening mascaras will flatten the lashes so use a lengthening mascara which does not carry extra weight, and the longer curled lashes will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Use Natural looking Lip colors

Choose lip colors that are closer to your natural lip shade to bring them out more, try a lip stain instead of a typical lipstick and never forget to use lip balm to top the lips off with; this will make the lips appear more hydrated and fuller.

Use a Highlighter

Using just a tiny bit of highlighter on the high points of your cheekbones or your cupids bow gives more dimension to your features and helps make them stand out more.


Look For Ellen Degeneres Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

Almost everyone wants to have a radiant and glowing skin like the celebrities. People search for various health care and beauty products by the top Holly wood celebrities so that they can use the same products to get the perfect skin like them. Well, not all the celebrities are the same in appearance as they look on the screen because, bright lights and heavy make up completely transforms their looks. But it will be wrong to say this in case of Ellen DeGeneres.

She is a popular American celebrity who is in her late fifties and still she looks so young. Day by day, her skin is turning out to be more beautiful and radiant as if she is in her youth. Lots of people gossip about Ellen DeGeneres secret of the radiant skin. People often wonder her secrets are Botox, face lift, cosmetic surgery or it’s just the light and editing that makes her look better on the screen. In reality they found that the secret of Ellen’s beauty is far cheaper than they think of. Ellen DeGeneres anti aging wrinkle cream is her secret to get the best of her skin.

Complete transformational products

Cosmetic surgery is one of the options for getting desirable and improved looks. There are many celebrities who have undergone such surgical treatment for covering up their signs of ageing. But, the surgical treatments sometimes have drastic consequences which are worse. This is the reason why many celebrities like Ellen avoid taking the surgical treatments for enhancing their looks.

Ellen DeGeneres in an interview has said that she has tried lots of products, even the best ones to get rid of her developing wrinkles, crow’s feet and dull skin but those products have not kept their promise of reducing wrinkles and did no wonders on the skin.

She had undergone a complete transformation of her looks when Dr Oz suggested her two amazing anti aging products. These products have not only done the wonders on her skin but also have increased her confidence for her youthful skin.  These two creams are: Creme Del Mar AntiWrinkle and Biofinite.

Key ingredients of the anti wrinkle cream

Ellen has claimed that within few days of using these anti wrinkle creams she started noticing the deep changes in her skin texture. Her skin became radiant and glowing and the number of fine lines on her face has also reduced to a substantial level. The main ingredients of the anti aging products used by Ellen DeGeneres are Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome.

Proprietary Bisophere has a great power to reach the inner layer of the skin and helps in clearing the dead skin cells. On clearing the dead skin cells, new and rejuvenated skin is generated that helps you to look younger than your age. It also helps in stimulating the collagen in the skin which is an important ingredient in making the skin firm and smooth.

QuSome works in coordination with Proprietary Bisophere to give you the radiant skin. It helps in retaining the moisture in your skin and prevents it from drying and getting damaged due to the pollution and stress.